Batwoman: Rebirth #1 Review

This review contains some minor spoilers.

DC’s Rebirth is proving to be a phenomenal success. Now, one year into the era, the company is preparing a second wave of comics – ranging from the new Justice League of America to Super Sons. Batwoman, too, is one of the second wave – but DC has been building up to this one for quite some time.

Kathy Kane’s Batwoman was originally created back in the 1950s as a love-interest for Batman, largely to deal with allegations that Batman was homosexual. There’s a real irony in the fact that, when the character was reintroduced into mainstream continuity in 2006, DC chose to make the character a lesbian. She’s been one of DC’s flagship lesbian characters for years, albeit with a troubling history – at one point, writers J. H. Williams and W. Haden Blackman quit the book because DC wouldn’t allow
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