Eight Little-Known Facts About King Kong

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The latest movie to bring the super-sized simian Kong to the big screen, Kong: Skull Island, comes out today. Kong is a very well-known movie monster, but there are some things you probably don’t know about the Eighth Wonder of the World. Here are seven bits of trivia about King Kong.

1. Despite popular belief, the name “Skull Island” was never used in the original King Kong. For decades, people have used that name to describe Kong’s island home. The new movie uses “Skull Island” in its title. But the fact is, that name was never used in the classic first version. When the characters in that version reach the island, they know they’ve come to the right place because they see “Skull Mountain”, so-named because it’s shaped like a skull. However, the island itself is never named—only Skull Mountain is.

2. The very first Japanese Kaiju movie was a little-known,
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