New The Flash Featurette Takes Us “Into The Speed Force”

In 1986, Kurt Russell ran into the mystic night in Big Trouble in Little China. That same year, Tom Cruise rode into the danger zone in Top Gun. Now, 31 years later, The Flash ventures “Into The Speed Force.”

Having learned last season that the ethereal plane the Speed Force occupies is no easy place to escape, we must tip our hats to Barry Allen for having the courage to go back there. Honestly, he probably hoped never to do so, but knowing the selfless hero that he is, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to bring back Wally West, who also happens to be a vital element in the plan to save Iris in the future.

In this freshly released featurette, executive producer Aaron Helbing lends some insight into just how taxing this trial will be. Not only that, but facsimiles of Eddie Thawne, Leonard Snart and Ronnie Raymond will
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