The X-Files: 10 greatest guest performances

Juliette Harrisson Mar 28, 2017

We revisit the 10 most memorable guest performances in The X-Files' long history, from Rhys Darby to Luke Wilson and beyond...

As in our previous features, in this list, we’re celebrating ten of the most effective guest performances in The X-Files over the course of its run – and yes, that includes the 2016 revival series. By ‘guest appearance’ we mean an actor who appeared as a particular character no more than twice over the course of the series (more appearances and it becomes a recurring role). As a result, this list naturally tends towards a celebration of performances during Monster of the Week episodes, since characters taking part in arc plots tend to appear more often. The show has, of course, featured impressive performances from actors in recurring roles as well – but that’s another list for another day!

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