Thank You, Poorna, For Giving Us A Purpose – Subhash K Jha review

Starring: Rahul Bose, Aditi Inaamdar, Dhritiman Chatterjee, Heeba Shah

Directed by Rahul Bose

At one crucial point in the telling of this simple and heartwarming tale of a tribal girl’s climb from the pits to Himalayan heights, Rahul Bose playing an upright bureaucrat, asks the little Andhra girl what is her purpose for climbing the Everest.

“I have no purpose. I just want to do it,” she tells her mentor honestly.

The simple confessional articulation exemplifies this film’s mood. So rich in its message, so far-flung in its intentions and purpose and yet so intimate in treatment and execution, Rahul Bose wins you over with his honesty of purpose. There is no duplicitous bones in the structure of this film.Sure, there are passages in this motivational tale that follow the rags-to-riches trajectory with textbookish precision.

But the heart is unweariedly in the right place, bringing to the
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