Bright Impossibilities: Appearances of Art in Cinema

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Bertrand Bonello's Sarah Winchester, Phantom Opera (2016) is showing on Mubi from April 7 - May 7 and Antoine Barraud's Rouge (2015) is showing on Mubi from April 21 - May - 21, 2017 as part of our Special Discovery series. Self-portrait in front of a mirror (1908), Léon Spilliaert. MuZee, Ostend. Photo: © Sabam Belgium 2016I would not paint — a picture —I'd rather be the OneIt's bright impossibility—Emily DickinsonWhen asked about his first short film, a beautiful portrait of the amazing Portuguese poet Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, filmmaker João César Monteiro declared, rather dissatisfied, "Well, this film is proof to all those who say that you can not film a poem." The same statement has often been made about any other art that dared be approached by cinema. A strange suspicion arises once a film tackles art. It seems to be deeply grounded in an idea of cinema as the art of the little man,
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