Tom Hardy's casting as Venom is a masterstroke for Sony's superhero universe

A leading man with the skill to illuminate Eddie Brock’s twisted soul, Hardy is sure to turn the limited raw materials of this antihero into a titan of cinema

How are we supposed to take the news that Tom Hardy has been hired to play Eddie Brock, Aka the comic book antihero Venom, in a forthcoming superhero adventure for studio Sony, once and future custodian of Spider-Man on the big screen? If this were a sporting signing, it would be roughly equivalent to footballer Lionel Messi turning out for Accrington Stanley. With one mighty stroke, Sony has rendered all arguments about Venom’s unsuitability to big-screen stardom – and I’ve made quite a few of these – utterly irrelevant.

For there is something about Hardy that seems to elevate the most unwieldy of projects to the gold standard. Who would have thought that Mel Gibson could be so casually replaced as Mad Max,
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