Movie Review: Set aside meaning and just get lost in the stunning imagery of Kékszakállú

Ignore the jumble of accent marks and consonants that make up the title. Kékszakállú is the Hungarian word for Bluebeard, but that doesn’t matter. Nor is it particularly important to know that Béla Bartók’s 1911 opera Bluebeard’s Castle served as this experimental film’s (very, very) loose inspiration. The less you fret about meaning, the more you can concentrate on first-time director Gastón Solnicki’s striking images. Kékszakállú works best as pure cinema, mostly divorced from narrative; some of its most memorable moments don’t even really contribute to the vague theme that gradually emerges. Solnicki just seems to have shot a ton of random material, Terrence Malick-style, and given a home to anything that’s worth looking at for its own sake. This makes for a slightly frustrating experience, even at just 72 minutes, but only because the film feints at being something more than a ...
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