Blood Shed: how we made our bloody short film

James Moran Aug 26, 2017

As James Moran takes his story of a scary shed to Horror Channel FrighFest, he tells us how it came about...

After a lot of blood, sweat and tears (mostly blood) our new short film, Blood Shed, is unleashed on an unsuspecting Horror Channel FrightFest audience this month. The story of one man’s love for his shed, which eats people, it’s a horror comedy inspired by Creepshow, starring Shaun Dooley and Sally Phillips.

People have asked how we brought this unique monster tale to life, and the answer is... slowly, with guts, and lots of planning (and blood, don't forget the blood). Ahead of its world premiere this weekend, here's how we brought our evil shed to life.


Sometimes ideas come from news stories, or real-life situations. And sometimes they come from your partner running into the room, shouting "This is either the best idea in the world,
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