Frightfest 2017: ‘Demons Of The Mind’ Review: Dir. Peter Sykes

Demons of the Mind Review: Released in 1972 Demons of the Mind returns to the big screen at this years Frightfest.

Demons of the Mind Review

In 1972 legendary purveyors of British horror Hammer Film Productions were struggling to terrify audiences, so they began veering away from their established formula of cheap but chilling Gothic entertainment. Demons Of The Mind was part of this movement, with its warped tale of exploitation-infused bloodlust. It’s one of the more obscure entries in the studio’s back catalogue and maybe this is the reason the film is being re-released following a new restoration.

Emil (Shane Briant) and Elizabeth (Gillian Hills) are photogenic siblings who live with their father Zorn (the late Robert Hardy) in a stunning Gothic mansion. However the family line is riddled with a horrifying condition: “My loins are filled with a sore disease!” proclaims Hardy, indicating this may not be your typical Hammer fare.
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