Martin Scorsese on Jerry Lewis: 'It was like watching a virtuoso pianist at the keyboard'

He was the anarchic funnyman who went from comedies with Dean Martin to inspired cinematic brilliance with The Nutty Professor. Martin Scorsese pays tribute to his King of Comedy star

The first time I saw Jerry Lewis, it was on television with his partner Dean Martin. This was in the late 40s when TV was just beginning – the medium was new and so were Martin and Lewis. We were used to comedy “teams” such as Abbott and Costello, the straight man who fed the lines to the comedian, which grew out of vaudeville. Martin and Lewis took it all to another level. Martin himself was funny, and he was also smooth, romantic, and he sang. They got into a groove and Lewis would take off into pure anarchy. Pretty soon, they were stars of the big screen as well – they started in the My Friend Irma pictures and then they
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