‘Eat Locals’ Review

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Review by Matthew Turner

Stars: Charlie Cox, Billy Cook, Freema Agyeman, Robert Portal, Mackenzie Crook, Eve Myles, Vincent Regan, Tony Curran, Dexter Fletcher, Ruth Jones, Annette Crosbie | Written by Danny King | Directed by Jason Flemyng

The directorial debut of actor Jason Flemyng, this low budget British horror-comedy has a solid cast and a moderately intriguing premise, but it can’t quite decide whether it wants to go for scares or laughs and ends up falling awkwardly between the two.

Written by Danny King (Wild Bill), Eat Locals (originally Eat Local, with an ‘s’ being added in the marketing stage) centres on a coven of centuries-old vampires – including Daredevil’s Charlie Cox, Doctor Who’s Freema Agyeman and One Foot in the Grave‘s Annette Crosbie – convening for their semi-centennial meeting at a remote country farmhouse. Also present is naïve orphan Sebastian (Billy Cook), who thinks he’s on a promise with vampish Vanessa (Eve Myles,
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