When Noel Edmonds troubled the Oscars

Simon Brew Sep 14, 2017

At the height of its early success, Noel's House Party got in trouble with the organisation behind the Academy Awards...

Amongst the pantheon of television stars who found fame on Saturday morning childrens’ television programmes in the 1980s, there aren’t too many movie trivia stories to uncover. Keith Chegwin was in a Roman Polanski movie, of course, so there’s that. But then there’s the small matter of Noel Edmonds, who managed to get on the wrong side of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – AMPAS – in the Us.

That’d be the same AMPAS who dish out the Academy Awards. And it was an Oscar-related issue that they weren’t happy about.

It all centred on Noel’s House Party, the Saturday evening light entertainment show that for some time was an absolute ratings juggernaut. All concerned have freely admitted that it
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