The Devil’S Candy – Review

Review by Jake Billingsley

Fire is commonly associated with passion and assertive action in philosophy; Sean Byrne’s latest feature The Devil’S Candy has plenty of the three. In only his second feature film, Byrne paints traditional horror elements through a satanic platform. Some of these elements provide a timeless effect and some have been dragged through the horror landscape for far too long.

The film’s core action takes place in a rural Texas landscape. It is the cliche story of a family moving into a new house that brings strange consequences. Have we traveled across this landscape before? Jesse Hellman, played by Ethan Embry, is the artist within the film; Embry gives a fine performance. Hellman is the type of guy you look at and imagine to be a rockstar, but on the other end his facial composure is comparable to Jesus. He paints butterflies for the
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