Exclusive: On the set of Jason Flemyng’s ‘Eat Locals’

As far as vampire films go, audiences of the 21st century have a built-in expectation for the fanged creatures. We’ve now been subjected to Twilight, a multitude of meaningless Underworld sequels, and everything in between. What we didn’t expect when visiting the set of Jason Flemyng’s Eat Locals, was to be sitting in a cold Hertfordshire farm staring at severed body parts in jars.

This strange and unusual experience was a good way to set the tone for the film. Flemyng, full of positivity and enthusiasm, was, of course, making his directorial debut in the film. It was quickly apparent that he was keen to make a good impression for his upcoming horror feature, and he managed it effortlessly. The cockney gentleman’s friendly nature easily overshadowed his frantic and busy schedule that day.

Flemyng is one of the most recognizable faces in the British film industry.
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