Syfy Plans To Host TV Premiere Of Jeepers Creepers 3 Later This Month

From Jigsaw to Leatherface to Amityville: The Awakening, this Halloween season will soon present horror fans with an embarrassment of riches as theaters across the globe begin hosting all sorts of cinematic ghosts and ghouls.

But if there’s one movie that was quietly shunned by distributors, it’s Jeepers Creepers 3 (for good reason, too, but more on that later). Yes, after years spent languishing on the brink of development, Victor Salva’s threequel faced another uphill battle when many of America’s major theater chains dropped it like a hot potato. Only a small handful of companies stood firm, leading to an exclusive one-night-only screening via Regal Theaters.

Such pent-up demand led to Jeepers Creepers 3 securing a second theatrical showing (October 4th), but other than that, the film’s distribution is about as limited as they come. Leave it to Syfy, then, to step in and secure JC3‘s TV premiere.
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