Interview, Audio: Director Sean Baker Builds ‘The Florida Project’

Chicago – It’s an epidemic in America, and it exists in a gray area that is not as prominent as other socio-economic issues. It is the “hidden homeless,” and the problem is uniquely defined as individuals who live week-to-week in cheap hotels, shelters and SROs, one circumstance away from being officially homeless. Writer/director Sean Baker takes this subject on in a stark-but-accessible narrative film called “The Florida Project.”

The film focuses on a mother Hailey (Bria Vinaite) and daughter Moonee (Brooklynn Prince) who live in an Orlando, Florida, tourist trap motel near Disney World. The mother has no visible means of support and scant resources, but manages to keep a room in the hotel managed by Bobby (Willem Dafoe, in a stellar turn). The adventures are from the Moonee’s point of view, a little girl making the best of her world, unaware that it could change at any moment.
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