Hit the Road

Network: Audience. Episodes: Ongoing (half-hour). Seasons: Ongoing. TV show dates: October 17, 2017 — present. Series status: Has not been cancelled. Performers include: Jason Alexander, Amy Pietz, Maddie Dixon-Poirier, Natalie Sharp, Nick Marini, Tom Johnson Jr, and Richard Dreyfuss. TV show description: A scripted comedy, the Hit the Road TV show centers on Ken (Alexander) and Meg Swallow, and their children Ria (Sharp), Alex (Marini), Casey (Dixon-Poirier), and Jermaine (Johnson). This dysfunctional family of wannabes fancies itself rock stars in need of a big break. As the results of their choices attest, the Swallows are not all that adept at discerning what's best for either their family or their band. Still, they are resolute in their pursuit of their "rightful place" in music
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