‘Dan Dare #1′ Review (Titan Comics)

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Written by Peter Milligan | Art by Alberto Foche | Published by Titan Comics

When it comes to my comic book reading preferences, I have always been an unashamed fan of American comic books. I read my first Superman story at the age of 6 and never looked back. At that time though, in the late 1970′s, American comic books weren’t always that easy to find, and 2000Ad was a little bit beyond me at first (although that changed in the Eighties ). What I could find however were copies of The Eagle, the now legendary British weekly comic, starring a certain Dan Dare. Sure, he wasn’t quite Superman, who is, but he was to my young eyes pretty cool nonetheless.

Since then I have always had a soft spot for Dan Dare, and when he has periodically been relaunched, and reappeared in various comics and magazines I have usually had a glance.
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