Review: Xangadix Lives! Provides A Candid Look At Dutch Horror Classic The Johnsons

Twenty-five years ago, Rudolf van den Berg's thriller The Johnsons was released in the Netherlands, which was remarkable in several ways. For starters, it was a horror film and we don't make too many of those over here. But even stranger were the budget and production values attached to the film: an at the time unheard of two-and-a-half million Euro (or, as the Euro didn't exist yet, nearly 5 million Dutch Guilders). In The Johnsons, a septuplet of boys grow up as murdering psychopaths, possessed by a South American demon. To fulfill his prophecy, the boys need to impregnate their sister, so she shall give birth to a monster who will plunge the world into eternal darkness. On their 21st birthday, the seven brothers escape...

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