Take Me Review: The Perfect Post-Thanksgiving Dinner Movie

Take Me Review: The Perfect Post-Thanksgiving Dinner Movie
It's Thanksgiving. You and the family have just finished your meal. And you want some lighter fare, suffering from the tryptophan buffet you just willingly engorged yourself with. The kids are off playing on their tablets. The game is over, and the adults need a swift 80 minute distraction before tearing into pumpkin pie and cobbler. Why not check out one of Netflix's looked-over gems from the past few months. It's the perfect little slice of desert before the desert. Don't spend hours searching the queue, arguing over what you're going to watch. Just select Take Me and go!

Take Me, while not a Netflix Original (it is only "Presented By Netflix"), is a home run for all the parties concerned. This whimsical tale of a simulated kidnapping gone very, very wrong is probably the first film to truly pull off this motif since 1986's Ruthless People or 1988's A Fish Called Wanda.
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