Hollywood’s Most Overpaid & Best Value Actors Of 2017

Each year, Forbes comes out with their Most Overpaid and Best Value actors list, and each year I’m a bit mystified by the math. For whatever reason, box office figures are compiled for the last three movies an actor appeared in before June 1, 2017 ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) and are measured against “estimated” salaries to determine the return on investment, but limited release movies don’t count.

So, it’s why Emma Watson winds up as the second most valuable star in Hollywood right, thanks to the Disney behemoth “Beauty & The Beast,” even though her box office disaster “The Circle,” which came shortly thereafter, and you already forgot about, doesn’t factor into the calculations (nor her pre-‘Beauty’ limited release misfires “Regression” and “Colonia“).

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