Interview: Tony Jopia discusses ‘Damned Nation’

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Damned Nation is the latest action-packed film from Cute Little Buggers (2017) director Tony Jopia. I got a chance to ask Tony a few questions about how he plans continue the story, what we can expect in the future and how fans can keep updated regarding the future of Damned Nation.

Damned Nation is an action packed short which gives us an introduction to an apocalyptic future. Why did you decide to complete a short film, and will you be looking to continuing the story as a feature film or a series?

We wanted to make it as enjoyable as we could. Just because it’s a short it doesn’t mean we can’t fill it with all the ingredients that make a fab action movie, in this case it’s all contained within a shorter amount of time. The overall idea is much bigger but unfortunately, we only had
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