Endeavour series 5 episode 3 review: Passenger

Gem Wheeler Feb 18, 2018

Morse investigates a missing person in the latest solid Endeavour series 5 episode. Spoilers ahead...

This review contains spoilers.

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5.3 Passenger

The disappearance of Frances Porter (Lydea Perkins) seems at first to be a run-of-the-mill missing persons case; as Morse reassures her concerned husband, Noel (Edwin Thomas) and sister, Jilly (Rosalie Craig), most such incidents are resolved quickly. Mrs Porter proves elusive, however, and Morse’s visit to the rather fabulous boutique she works at – Alice’s Marmalade Cat, which is the sort of thing Granny might have seen on her famous trip – turns up no clues apart from the identity of the vanished woman’s lover, a man named Don. Fellow sales assistant Anouska (Celeste Dodwell) also reveals that Frances borrowed some clothes from the shop to dress up for an assignation with the mystery man, a clue that will prove vital to solving this increasingly odd case.
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