‘Death House’ Interview: Director Harrison Smith (Part 2)

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With the highly-anticipated horror Death House released in cinemas this past weekend, I got a chance to talk to director Harrison Smith about the film. In this second part of our chat, Smith talks about the planned Death House sequels And prequel, along with this other projects Garlic and Gunpowder, Skulk and Keepsake, plus he offer advice on how to break into filmmaking.

If you haven’t read part one of our interview, you can check that out right here Definitely read that part before reading further!

So there’s going to be an prequel and five sequels to Death House.. how many of these have go completed scripts so far and when are you looking to start shooting them?

Death House 2 has a completed script, the others are in treatment phase. As for shooting dates I don’t know. The problem with this industry is that everybody bullshi*ts.
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