Shooting for change by Amber Wilkinson

Petra Volpe: 'If you want to change a society deeply, it really starts in your own home and how you treat each family member' Photo: Zodiac Pictures The timing of the UK release of Petra Volpe’s The Divine Order could hardly be more perfect. Released in the centenary year of women’s suffrage in Britain and, more specifically, on International Women’s Day, it tells the story of how women in Switzerland got the vote decades later in 1971. Rooted in fact, the fictional tale – which was Switzerland’s nominee for the foreign language Oscar – tells the story of housewife Nora (Marie Leuenberger), a small-town mum who begins to be enthused by the push for votes for women and ends up fighting both politically and on the home front.

Speaking to Volpe the week before her film had its UK premiere at Glasgow Film Festival, we spoke about the way
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