Trailer for Norwegian Resistance Fighter Survival Film 'The 12th Man'

"The last thing they need is that we find a new symbol." IFC Films has debuted an official trailer for a new survival thriller titled The 12th Man, the latest film from prominent Hollywood director Harald Zwart. The film tells the true story of a WWII resistance fighter from Norway named Jan Baalsrud, played by Thomas Gullestad. After the Nazis invaded Scandinavia, resistance fighters would do their best to fight back. After a failed anti-Nazi sabotage mission leaves his eleven comrades dead, Jan ends up on the run from the Gestapo through the snowbound Arctic reaches of Scandinavia. The cast includes Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Marie Blokhus, Mads Sjøgård Pettersen, Vegar Hoel, Håkon T. Nielsen, and Eirik Risholm Velle. This looks like a harrowing survival film, nothing particularly new, but still intriguing enough to warrant a watch sometime. Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Harald Zwart's ...
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