Hunting Lands is a Remarkable Debut [Review]

From an established filmmaker, Hunting Lands would be a risky proposition but as a debut feature, it marks the emergence of a new filmmaker to watch.

Frank Olsen is a man searching for solitude. He's rebuilt the family cabin from the ground up and moved in full time, in part as an escape from his wealthy family and in part as a coping mechanism for Ptsd. While out on a hunt, he comes across a truck dumping something in the woods. Out of curiosity, he decides to investigate only to discover that the tarp is wrapped around a badly beaten woman who has been left for dead.

For some inexplicable reason, he takes her in, gets her looked after and then sets off to find the man who left her in the woods. And so, for a large swath of Hunting Lands, we follow Frank as he trac
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