‘Anon’ Review

Stars: Clive Owen, Amanda Seyfried, Colm Feore, Sonya Walger, Mark O’Brien, Joe Pingue, Iddo Goldberg, Sebastian Pigott, Rachel Roberts, Ethan Tavares, Marco Grazzini, Conrad Coates | Written and Directed by Andrew Niccol

Writer-director Andrew Niccol has made a career out of depicting tech-enhanced dystopias, whether it’s his 1997 debut Gattaca (genetic engineering), his script for The Truman Show (reality TV taken to extremes) or 2002′s S1m0ne, which now seems weirdly prescient in its anxiety over digitally augmented reality. His latest film, sci-fi murder mystery Anon, finds Niccol on familiar ground when it comes to tech-based paranoia, but the plot falls short in comparison to the imaginative world building.

Set in an all-too-believable future, the film stars Clive Owen as world-weary detective Sal Frieland, whose job has been rendered ridiculously easy because all crimes are almost instantly solvable, thanks to an implant called the eye that uploads every citizen
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