Horror Highlights: Tales From The Campfire, Retina, The Cured Blu-ray / DVD, The Cleansing Hour Feature Film, Batman: Master Of Fear

Details on the three-part anthology film Tales from the Campfire from Night of Terror Films starts off today's Highlights. We also have a look at the short film Retina, Scream Factory's Blu-ray and DVD release of The Cured, the feature-length film version of The Cleansing Hour first details, and a trailer and Indiegogo launch details for the fan-made web series Batman: Master of Fear.

Tales from the Campfire Announced: "Tales from the Campfire retro-inspired inspired anthology horror film that tells the tales of three campfire stories with events occurring at the same time in the film’s wraparound. Each campfire tale has its own unique look and feels, touching on different sub-genres of horror.

Film Synopsis: Four friends plan a camping trip at a small campground to spend an evening sitting around a fire telling each other campfire stories that all supposedly happened within the area that they’re camping at.
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