Eric Braeden on How His Career Has Been So Much More Than The Young & The Restless (Exclusive)

It was a moment that seemed strangely out of place. The Titanic was in its death throes when the maestro behind the mayhem turned to Eric Braeden and uttered a single word: "Never.” Braeden felt the questioning look cross his own face as he turned to the voice. The confusion evident, the speaker, director James Cameron, explained: "The last line in Colossus." Braeden smiled, struck by the fact that the director wasn’t referencing his, at that point, 17 (now 38) year run as Victor Newman on the TV soap The Young & The Restless, but, instead, his portrayal of Dr. Charles Forbin in a little sci-fi thriller from 1970 about a computer that takes over the world. At the same time, he was forced to reflect on his own bittersweet feelings regarding that film — Colossus: The Forbin Project — his first starring role in a Hollywood production. (Photo Credit: Getty Images) "I was in
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