The London Korean Film Festival 2018 Teaser Screenings presents the UK Premiere of political thriller 1987: When the Day Comes

“1987: When the Day Comes“. With an impressive ensemble cast and polemic real-life story, director ’s powerful portrayal of the events that led to Korea’s historic June Democratic Uprising was as much a hit with audiences as it was with critics when it stormed the box-office at the start of this year.

In 1980s South Korea, the military regime of President Chun Doo-hwan pushes the masses to breaking point with its widespread corruption and oppression. In 1987, a series of events will be set in motion through which the heroic actions of ordinary people from all walks of life result in nationwide protests, altering the course of the nation’s history forever.

When a student protester dies under police interrogation, the order is given to quickly cremate the body, effectively burying the evidence. Unfortunately for Director Park, the head of the Anti-Communism Investigations Bureau in Seoul desperately trying to cover up the crime,
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