Film Review: ‘Loro 2’

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Film Review: ‘Loro 2’
Watching “Loro 2” is a peculiar experience, because it never shakes the sense of being hurriedly edited from a much longer and better film. In some ways that’s what this is: the second part of Paolo Sorrentino’s initial Italian-release version of his highly anticipated semi-fantasy biopic of Silvio Berlusconi. Yet even if the two parts were viewed close together – they were released on the peninsula one week apart – the lack of buildup for a masterful early scene in “2” proves just how ill-considered it was to divide the movie in this way. In addition, it seems clear that a great number of scenes have been so severely cut down that they barely register. Taken as a whole, the film is a classic Sorrentino-esque tapestry about hubris woven on a grand scale, but when it’s divided and edited in this manner one is constantly aware that the effect was meant to be much greater.
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