Director Rian Johnson Hilariously Responds to Star Wars Fans Pushing For a Remake of The Last Jedi

First of all, this is just a bit of Star Wars humor that I think we can all get a kick out of. There's nothing to lash out against here. It's just supposed to be fun. Remember the days when Star Wars was fun!? We should get back to that place.

Anyway, a group of fans got together and launched the Twitter account @RMTheLastJedi to begin a campaign to raise money to develop a "fan remake" of Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I guess they must've have secured the rights from Lucasfilm to do that... right? Sometime's fans can be silly.

Our team of producers is offering to cover the budget for a remake of The Last Jedi in order to save Star Wars. Share this and spread the word to let @RobertIger & @Disney know you want this! This isn't a joke, we're ready to have the convo now!
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