20 Forgettable ’00s Superhero Shows Only Superfans Remember

Superheroes have really blown up in the last ten years, in part thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It definitely looks like the craze for superpowered heroes is not slowing down anytime soon. While interest has picked up for superhero properties on the big screen recently, the genre has had a more consistent life on television for years. Superheroes captivated broadcast audience even before television, if you count such radio serials like The Lone Ranger or The Shadow.

Whether in animation or live-action, superheroes have been appearing on TV since the beginning. Even when there was a lull in big screen superhero projects in the 1990s, it doesn’t mean that they weren’t being produced for television. There were consistent superhero shows appearing on screens throughout the decade. Some like Justice League or Static Shock remain fondly remembered by those who watched and are still successful to this day.
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