Podtalk: Director Marc Turtletaub Solves the ‘Puzzle’

Chicago – When a notable indie film producer decides to direct, what does it feel like on that other side? For Marc Turtletaub, the connection was in his sophomore effort as director, “Puzzle.” The emotional drama features the impeccable Kelly Macdonald, as a stay-at-home Mom named Agnes who discovers a hidden talent.

Kelly Macdonald in ‘Puzzle,’ Directed by Marc Turtletaub

Photo credit: Sony Pictures Classics

Her two boys are older, and her working class husband Louie (David Denman) has their life path mapped out. Everything Agnes does is perfection, the pieces of how she manages her life, family and church fit together in a rote and routine pattern. A couple days after her birthday, she has a moment to herself and opens one of the presents… a jigsaw puzzle. She puts the thousands of pieces in front of her and before the afternoon is up, she assembles it. This begins a journey for her.
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