Drive-In Dust Offs: Bloody Moon (1981)

1981 was really peak business for slasher films; The Burning, Friday the 13th Part 2, Happy Birthday to Me, Halloween II, My Bloody Valentine and many more jockeyed for a piece of box office pie, with most turning a profit and then some. It only made sense for Euro-horror to want in on the action; after all, the giallo was a big influence on the aesthetic and body count of the slasher, so why shouldn’t they try something more attuned to mainstream audiences at the time? If you put it in the hands of Jess Franco however, you end up with Bloody Moon (1981), a delirious and grand stab fest that still ends up being closer to a giallo than intended. You can take the boy out of Spain, but you can’t take Spain out of the boy.

Well that’s not completely true as Bloody Moon was filmed in Spain,
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