Frightfest 2018: ‘The Night Eats The World’ Review: Dir. Dominique Rocher (2018)

The Night Eats The World review: Based on the novel by Pit Agarmen, this psycho drama reminds us that the Zombie genre can still feel fresh long after it was first thought to have staled.

The Night Eats the World review by Abi Silverthorne.

The Night Eats the World Review

The Night Eats the World (owner of the most poetically scintillating title of Frightfest) starts as a testament to social awkwardness. Musician Sam has come to a cramped apartment party in Paris to retrieve his tapes from busy ex Fanny (Sigrid Bouaziz), but after an altercation with her drunk boyfriend swiftly escapes to a dark little room at the back of the flat to avoid the revellers and his own palpable awkwardness.

In many ways a house party is the most genius setting for a zombie apocalypse. These are houses of horror for the shy and sober like Sam — sometimes a breeding ground of dissociation,
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