Nowhere Fast: Winston DeGiobbi on "Mass for Shut-Ins"

  • MUBI
Winston DeGiobbi's Mass for Shut-Ins (2017) is exclusively showing August 23 – September 22, 2018 on Mubi in most countries in the world as part of the series Canada's Next Generation.Arriving with an unexpected boom of Nova Scotian inspiration alongside Ashley McKenzie’s Werewolf, Seth Smith’s The Crescent, Cory BowlesBlack Cop, Winston DeGiobbi’s artisanal and anarchic debut feature is one of the most distinct visions to emerge in a larger movement of recent Canadian independent cinema. Easily likened to Harmony Korine for its on-the-ground in-the-thick of it poverty-grit setting and style, Mass for Shut-Ins, is, refreshingly, a film that seems born directly out its own milieu rather than out of any sort of reverential relationship to cinema. DeGiobbi possesses a sensitivity and skill in taking observations of his surroundings and channeling them into something just bent past realism into a discreet poetry where mundanity and strangeness blur as one. Aside
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