The General Hospital Characters We Want Brought Back From the Dead

Over the years, plenty of characters have been killed off of General Hospital, but there are some who we would really love to see resurrected. Life and death are part of the circle of life, but in soaps, death is somewhat less permanent than it is in reality. So many times, beloved characters are brought back from the grave with some wild explanation and given a second chance at happiness. And we can think of more than a couple Port Charles residents we’d love to see again. So what if Sabrina had a funeral and everything... (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/ Now, we’re not talking about classic characters like Edward or Lila Quartermaine, who lived long, full lives. We’re talking about characters who were snuffed out before they had a chance to reach their full potential. But we also aren’t including folks like B.J. Jones or Stone Cates,
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