Raindance Film Festival 2018: Interview with Branko Tomovic ("Luna's Revenge")

Among the fantastic line-up of the 26th Raindance Film Festival is the exciting German thriller "Luna's Revenge". We caught up for a chat with Branko Tomovic who stars as the dangerous and scary undercover agent Victor.   "Luna's Revenge", directed by Khaled Kaissar, also features Bibiana Beglau (The Legend of Rita), Rainer Bock (The White Ribbon), Benjamin Sadler (Luther), Carlo Ljubek (The Wilhelm Tell Legend), Annika Blendl (Rabbit Without Ears), Alexander Beyer (Deutschland 86), Genija Rykova (Tatort) and Lisa Vicari (Dark) in the title role. The film tells the story of Luna, who is spending her summer vacation in an idyllic mountain chalet with her family, when their holiday harmony suddenly becomes a nightmare: Foreign men take...

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