Film Review: ‘Change in the Air’

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Film Review: ‘Change in the Air’
Though director Dianne Dreyer’s “Change in the Air” opens on a shocking, attention-grabbing scene of a desperate elderly man (played by M. Emmet Walsh) deliberately stepping in front of a moving vehicle, the rest of the film takes its sweet time to ramp up to faux profundity about humanity, spirituality, friendship, and forgiveness. The title is not only an allusion to the mysterious young lady (played by Rachel Brosnahan) who changes lives in a quiet suburban neighborhood, but also applies rather morbidly to the literal change that flies from the hand of that suicidal man.

With religious hymns scattered throughout, along with mentions of miracles, Eastern philosophy, and overt metaphysical powers, it’s clear the filmmakers are aiming for the faith-based market. However, the film has about as much resonance as a “Coexist” bumper sticker. Without a compelling, coherent narrative drive, the film’s own spirit sags.

Wren Miller
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