Anime Review: Yuri!!! On Ice (2016) by Sayo Yamamoto

Featuring actual choreographies by two times Japanese National ice skating champion Kenji Miyamoto, and dealing with homosexuality almost as much as with the sport itself, “Yuri!!! On Ice” is definitely not your everyday anime. The fact that it was one of the most successful shows and digital releases in Japan, though, is a testament to its quality.

The film revolves around Yuri Katsuki, Japan’s number one ice skater, who, as the anime begins, has suffered a humiliating loss at the Grand Prix Final, and is ready to retire from the sport completely. However, when his idol and five-time champion Victor Nikiforov decides to come all the way to Japan just to be his coach, Yuri changes attitude completely and decides to give it all to be successful in the sport at an international level. However, both their decision take a toll on Yuri Plisetsky, a rising 15-year-old Russian prodigy skater,
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