'Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu' review: This vigilante thriller makes no sense

TollywoodNara Rohith and Shriya Saran do a brilliant job of pretending to do things while doing nothing. Krishna SripadaVeera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu - the title of the movie gives us some interesting 'clues', a word the director is so fond of. If he had a dollar for every time the word "clue" was used, he could have earned the budget to pull off what he seemingly had in mind. Indrasena R, the director of the movie, was definitely not short of ideas, some his own, some borrowed from Hollywood. The good news is that those ideas do not include obscenities. The bad news is that some of those ideas are outlandish to say the least. The parallel narrative-driven script has two parts - a police inspector (Sudheer Babu) looking for a girl-trafficking ring and literally, being handheld through his investigations, through a series of miraculous 'clues' that appear as if
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