13 Greatest Hammer Horror Monsters

Marc Buxton Oct 17, 2019

Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Wolf Man...we're not talking about Universal. These are the best Hammer horror had to offer!

Halloween is here, and if any movie company speaks to that classic Halloween aesthetic, it’s Hammer Films. Back in the day, Hammer Films were the horror movies your parents didn’t want you to watch. With their constant bodice rippings, ample cleavage, vivid crimson blood, and lush atmospheric costumes and sets, Hammer was second only to Universal Pictures when it came to classic monsters and classic scares. Hell, they even briefly got involved in the kung fu craze.

But in addition to their dashingly handsome stars, gorgeous femme fatales, stunning musical scores, and eye popping sets, Hammer was known for its monsters!

So join us this Halloween season as we count down the thirteen greatest Hammer monsters to bite, rend, tear, stalk, pummel, and snarl their way into fans’ nightmares.
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