Viper Club – Review

(l-r) Susan Sarandon as Helen and Edie Falco as Charlotte, in Viper Club. Courtesy of YouTube Originals and Roadside Attractions.

Viper Club is a drama about a heart-wrenching subject, the plight of families of journalists and others kidnapped by terrorists, a story told through the eyes of a tough ER nurse, played by Susan Sarandon, whose freelance journalist son has been kidnapped while working in Syria. It appears to have all the elements of a good thriller – a strong lead, timely subject, urgency to act, the frustration of dealing with a slow-moving official bureaucracy. It is a well-meaning film but unfortunately it is not a good film, despite heroic efforts by Sarandon to give it the depth and humanity it needs.

Sarandon is the best part of this film, as Helen the nurse caught in a mother’s worst nightmare. Her son Andy (Julian Morris) has been kidnapped while working as a freelancer in Syria.
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