Arrow Season 7 Episode 4 Review – ‘Level Two’

Jessie Robertson reviews the fourth episode of Arrow season 7…

Is Level Two just another buzzword meaning “Next Level?” God I feel old.

The Good:

– So back to the Future: or is it Earth 2? Not sure anymore but the plot thickens so they say. Roy and William venture back to Star City but it’s kinda in ruins. There’s a Smoak Technologies, apparently Felicity hit it big and it’s being defended by Dinah, who’s still badass and wearing a badass costume. Zoe is also there and she’s a badass Canary too. And Felicity’s dead? Plus a Rubix Cube. Can we just stay here?

– There was a nice little story about community mixed in here somewhere; Rene has strong ties to the Glades, and he’s teaching Zoe the same thing (kids do listen to their parents sometimes!). He trusts the Green Arrow, whoever he is
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