The Adventures of Robin Hood: 80 Years Later and Still the Best

David Crow Nov 19, 2018

The Adventures of Robin Hood went through a director-swapping production yet is still the only Robin Hood movie that matters.

In retrospect, it’s easy to see the formula that Warner Bros. pursued to make The Adventures of Robin Hood, the 1938 sweeping Technicolor classic. Conceived as a star vehicle for one of their biggest icons, as well as a picture that would be the chance for a reliable contract director to become a preeminent name in Hollywood, it should’ve been impossible for the project to run into any trouble. Yet it did since the movie was originally pitched as a Jimmy Cagney movie and was later assigned to director William Keighley, a terrific studio man from the golden age… but one who is no more Michael Curtiz than Cagney is Errol Flynn.

Eighty years later and it’s largely been forgotten that the most beloved and
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