The Lost and Forgotten Stop-Motion Animated Monster Film The Primevals Will Be Completed and Here's a Trailer

It’s been years since I heard about a live-action/stop-motion monster movie called The Primevals. It’s something that I completely forgot about until this news popped up that the film was actually going to be completed, and that announcement came with a cool trailer for you to watch.

There's a good chance that some of you have no idea what The Primevals film project is. Well, it’s a “lost movie” from Full Moon Features that was being created by animation legend David W. Allen.

This was a passion project for Allen, and he was working on it for decades. He completed the live-action photography in 1994, and the film was “intended to be the company’s largest production, with a long post-production plan intended to complete the hundreds of stop-motion effects shots.”

Unfortunately, Allen passed away in 1999, leaving the film unfinished. But now the studio is picking up the pieces to finish it,
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