The Casual Cinecast reviews Tokyo Story

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In our newest Casually Criterion episode, we finally dive into Ozu's undisputed classic Tokyo Story! We aslo discuss the newest Criterion Collection announcements, goft ideas for movies nerds, and more!

Last month, we had a Twitter poll that allowed users to vote on which Criterion film we reviewed next. You voted and that film ended up being Tokyo Story (Spine #217)! Listen as we try to break down this classic, heartbreaking film. Does this film end up being as emtional as everyone says? Find out what we thought!

We also discuss the upcoming Criterion Collection releases that have been announced, the death of Filmstruck, upcoming gift ideas for the movie nerd in your life, and more! Be sure to listen to the end episode to the end to hear which movies we chose as the options for our next Casually Criterion episode!

Let us know if you agree with out review in the comments below!
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